Clarendelle Medoc, Inspired by Haut-Brion, is a delicate and elegant red wine. Like the great Medocs, often quite tannic when young, it becomes more balanced with age. Clarendelle Medoc, Inspired by Haut-Brion, is a subtle blend of two traditional grape varieties from Bordeaux: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. We find in this wine all the complexity and character of its terroir.


A rainy winter and spring enabled the soil to store up significant water reserves. Fortunately, the humid weather did not upset flowering.
Summertime marked the arrival of hot days and cool nights, which dried out the soil, kept the vines healthy, and provided ideal sun exposure conducive to producing perfectly ripe grapes until the harvest.


Tasting notes

The Indian summer led to the optimum ripeness of the Cabernets, whose proportion forms the backbone of this wine and confers pronounced spicy notes.
A deeply-coloured wine with good concentration and black fruit aromas of blackberry and blueberry. Oaky and fruity flavours come to the fore, accompanied by a minty freshness and spicy and liquorice notes, which add harmony and balance. The wine starts out smooth, becoming increasingly intense yet underpinned by a delicate tannic structure. All in all, a very
elegant, full-bodied and powerful wine.


Alcohol by volume


Grape varieties

85 % Merlot

14 % Cabernet Sauvignon

 1 % Petit Verdot


The wet winter and spring gave way to a long period of drought which lasted all summer. An Indian summer arrived after a brief rainy period in mid-September that was highly desirable at the end of ripening. The month of October was particularly dry. Cool night-time temperatures combined with warm days resulted in deeply-coloured wines that are also fresh and fruity. 2016 was a year of paradoxes that accounts for this beautiful vintage.


Notes de dégustation

This is one of the best vintages in recent years in the Médoc since the weather was conducive to slow, complete ripening of Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine is also characterised by particularly superb Merlot. The colour is quite deep and the wine has a concentrated bouquet with hints of black cherries. This fruity freshness is also found on the palate, along with oaky nuances. Featuring a delicate tannic structure, these wines are well-balanced, elegant, delicious, full-bodied, and powerful.


Alcohol by volume


Grape varieties

51 % Merlot
49 % Cabernet Sauvignon


The weather varied significantly from season to season in 2014, with a beautiful spring, a satisfactory month of July, and an uncertain weather in August. Although this may have slowed down ripening, September marked the beginning of an extraordinary Indian summer that was warm, sunny, and with just the right amount of precipitation to enable the vines to focus their energy on ripening. This extended summer was remarkably long since the first half of October was actually warmer and sunnier than the two preceding weeks.


Tasting notes

The colour is quite deep and the wine has a con-centrated bouquet with hints of blackcurrant and blackberry. This fruity freshness is also found on the palate, along with oaky nuances. The wine has fine tannic structure, as well as plenty of body and good ageing potential. It is both balanced and powerful. A great first vintage for Clarendelle Medoc!


Degré d’alcool


Grape varieties

65% Merlot
35% Cabernet Sauvignon

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